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Youtubers and Influencers

We welcome Youtubers, Twitchers or influencers of any kind to do videos of Sairento VR game play. Chances are you will be able to generate a pretty good number of views and positive traction as Sairento is one of the more popular VR games people like to check out at the moment for its unique, over-the-top, one-of-a-kind action. We do provide Steam keys for influencers whose work we really like and ultimately it also boils down to how popular your channel is. So to put it bluntly, we would be very happy to provide free Steam keys to channels with proven traction but we are likely to reject requests from channels with very little views.

Below are a few FAQs for your convenience –

How do I get in touch with you?

You can write in to us at and title it ‘Request for Steam Key’. In the email please tell us the following information –

Your name –
Your channel’s URL –
Your number of subscribers –
Your channel’s primary language –

What are your terms for making a video of Sairento VR?

We only have 3 simple requests.

  • Include the words ‘Sairento VR’ somewhere in your Youtube video title
  • Include the Sairento VR Steam link ( in your video description
  • Drop us an email to let us know when you’ve published the video so we can help to promote it as well
How many views do you consider too little for your consideration?

Generally, if your Youtube videos are generating less than 5000 views per video, we will not consider giving away our Steam key, unless your videos are generating a very healthy level of engagement from viewers and it is obvious that they are highly targeted and geared toward VR gaming.

Would you pay influencers for exposure of your game?

We don’t usually pay for this purpose, but we are not opposed to it if the price is reasonable in tandem to the kind of exposure we will be receiving. At the end of the day, whatever we pay out for marketing, the effort must make enough to pay for the marketing, pay the bills and hopefully generate some profit. In short, if you have a lot of subscribers, a lot of views per game, a high level of engagement and you are VR centric (meaning most people who view your videos are highly targeted), we would be more likely to pay you if that’s your deal. Also, VR is still pretty much at is infancy stages and hardly generating the same kind of revenue as mobile and conventional PC games. So if you are asking for money, do consider the above and be gentle with what you are asking for.

Will you consider sponsoring Steam keys for giveaways?

Yes we will. However, again it boils down to how many subscribers you have, how many video views you receive per video on average and how highly engaged and targeted your fans are.