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Upcoming Features

Multi Player Co-Op Mode

Many of our fans have been asking for this one. We are working hard to conceptualize and develop a meaningful co-op experience that would allow players to take down enemies together in true Sairento style!

More Enemies, Smarter Enemies

We are working hard to build up our stable of enemies for our fans to practice their shooting and slicing skills on. Besides an upgrade on the minions you currently encounter, expect creepy geishas, disappearing ninjas, exploding lanterns, towering samurais and hulking sumos. And not only is there variety, expect them to be tougher and smarter too.

More Weapons

Weapons are an integral part of being a new age cyber ninja. You can’t just rely on pistols, machine guns and your trusty futuristic katana which releases energy blades can you? Expect a new arsenal of deadly weapons at your disposal, such as shuriken shooters, crossbows, kunais, claws and even rocket launchers!