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The developers of Sairento VR, ZomDay and Eternity Warriors VR™ have come together to offer one of the coolest VR gaming bundles ever. VR gamers can now purchase all three or any one of these games as long as they have the other two at 15% discount. They call it the ‘Slash Stab Shoot Triple Kill’ Bundle and it will officially be available on Steam from 16th November 2017.

These three games all enjoy very positive ratings and are among the most popular action VR games on Steam. Another common point is that they are all multiplayer games, offering players the opportunity to play with or against friends.

Whether it is performing the coolest kills ever as a ninja, mowing down hoards of zombies or fighting creatures from hell; there is definitely something for everyone to scratch that VR action gaming itch. This bundle is a great starting point for those who are just getting into VR, or looking for some new VR experiences at a great price.


Sairento VR is one of the most intense and innovative VR action games on Steam, offering players the chance to live the dream of an all action super hero. Perform triple jumps, wall runs, power slides and slow time down while blasting away at a foe before landing to deliver a blade attack on another. Kit yourself with katanas, firearms, bows, throwing glaives and legendary relics. Keep upgrading as you play. Play alone or with up to 4 people. Enjoy a story campaign mode (coming soon) or mission-based arcade modes.

“Mixed Realms is thrilled to work with Vanimals Games and Into Games to offer gamers a spectacular bundle of some of the best action VR games available today – Eternity Warriors VR, ZomDay and Sairento VR. Our games are all different in style and theme, but yet offer the same level of dedication to quality and game play. This is a great opportunity to pick up 3 great games at a great price and we hope gamers agree too!” – Aldric Chang, CEO of Mixed Realms


Eternity Warriors™ VR is a spinoff from the very successful action RPG franchise Eternity Warriors™ on mobile. Bringing its signature cinematic over-the-top style of combat to the world of VR, players can become one of 3 heroes as they take on devilish monsters and battle through a world of chaos and uncover the secrets behind the Eternity Warriors.

“We are super excited about bringing this bundle to the world! Slash Stab Shoot Triple Kill is one of the coolest VR game bundles that the gamers can find today on Steam. Moreover, if you love to play with your friends online, our games are here providing real-time coop challenges for you guys!” – Kun Wang, CEO of Vanimals.


As zombie crisis broke out around the world,you will play one of the warrior of S.E.A.T(Special Event Action Team) to fight against the zombies all over the world. ZomDay is a fast pace VR shooting game contains multi-player mod,exciting Boss fight,character perk and hardcore weapon system.

“This is a triple multiplay-games pack with triple fun! Contains three of the most high quality VR games on Steam that make you feel unstoppable!” – Shiwen, CEO of Into Games


Aldric Chang