Welcome to the official Sairento VR blog!


Welcome to the official blog of Sairento VR, the VR game developed by Mixed Realms, and a VR game like no other. You see, it’s hard to place Sairento VR into a certain gaming genre. It’s a First-Person Shooter, sure, but that’s not all it is. It blends guns, katanas, bullet-time and superhero-like speed and insane jumping abilities to create something utterly unique. During a 10 minute battle in Sairento VR, you’ll slow down time and take out five enemies each with a nicely placed headshot, run along a wall avoiding a hail gunfire, slice bullets out of your way, perform incredible and epic jumps, come face-to-face with other swordsmen and do battle, dual wield both katanas and guns, all the while upgrading your weapons and your abilities in your personal dojo. It’s a thrilling mixture of multiple genres, and all that have played it simply want more.

Well, we want to give you more.

Though you can also expect updates about Sairento VR on our Facebook, Twitter and Steam pages (which can be found on the left on this blog!), this blog will also be home to some additional content, including VR developer interviews, giveaways, behind-the-scenes features and VR related tech reviews. Ultimately here at Mixed Realms, we want to move forward embracing our community, cultivating it and, most importantly, building upon Sairento VR to create the best VR experience to date.

Thanks for playing and being on this epic journey with us! Big things are coming down the pipeline. Watch this space!


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