Sairento VR- What is it?

Since the Oculus Rift kicked the idea of Virtual Reality back into the gaming scene for the first time since the mid-90’s, it has become one of the greatest experiences a gamer can have. However, that all depends of what game the gamer is playing. It would be unfair to single out bad VR experiences out here, but as of right now there are more sub-standard VR games than actually good ones. These types of VR games induce motion sickness and seem to be built upon a bare bones idea of what VR can do. Ultimately this leads to some titles simply feeling like a gimmick. This isn’t always the case though, and this is where we introduce our game- Sairento VR.

Developed by us, Mixed Realms, and out now in Early Access on Steam, Sairento VR is a game that is sweeping the VR community. It’s hard to exactly describe what kind of game it is though. Yes, it’s a FPS game, but it’s not just a FPS game. Placed in the role of a “Silent One”, your mission in the current Early Access version of Sairento VR is to dispatch as many bad guys as possible. The Early Access version of Sairento VR currently doesn’t have much of its story in place, as this current incarnation is simply meant to show of what game mechanics we have created for a future full release later this year. Don’t worry though, the full game will contain a story, main campaign and also procedurally generated side missions. That’s right, Sairento VR won’t just have a stellar single player campaign with a compelling story, but it will also have an endless supply of side missions.

So as it stands right now, the Early Access version is here to give you a chance to experience our unique Sairento VR game mechanic. Movement in Sairento VR is different from other VR titles as instead of simply aiming and teleporting around your environment, in Sairento VR your character, depending on how far your moving, will either quickly move or jump in that direction. Though it may sound like an issue for those of us who are prone to VR sickness (myself included!), movement is slick, grounded and genuinely breathtaking. Whether you’re simply moving quickly towards an enemy or launching yourself 10 meters in the air, we’ve rarely gotten feedback from players who had motion sickness while playing Sairento VR. That said, we do offer a simple teleport option for moving around within Sairento VR, but to get the true experience we suggest sticking with the default option. On top of that the player can also hop off walls, slide on the ground and run along walls, all like a true Ninja. It’s really one of those things that needs to be experienced, but the sheer feeling of freedom, speed and deadliness in Sairento VR is utterly showstopping.

But in a game like Sairento VR you need weapons, and oh boy do we have weapons. Though some need to be unlocked within the game, Sairento VR boasts an armoury of pistols, shotguns and machine guns. Outside of firearms, Sairento VR also lets you take command of katanas too, and as you can equip whatever you wish onto either of your hands, when playing Sairento VR you can use two guns, two katanas or even spice things up with a katana in one hand and a powerful shotgun in the other. This custom choice of weapons, alongside the epic movement game mechanic, elevates Sairento VR into a realm of epicness that is unlike anything else you’ve played before. Couple this with the fact that you can collect loot and upgrade both yout weapons and your own abilities and it makes for a game that is some kind of a FPS and Action-RPG hybrid.

But wait, we’re not done yet. Top all of this off with a Matrix-like bullet time mechanic and you have one of the finest and most badass VR experiences to date. Picture it- you’re wall running past some bad guys while unloading a machine gun clip into them, only to bounce off the wall, jump towards them, activate bullet time mode in mid-air, take our your katana to reflect their incoming bullets, and plunge into them while swinging your deadly blades, resulting in a blur of blood and steel. It sounds incredibly in-depth, but this could happen in a matter of seconds. These kind of moments happen all the time in Sairento VR, and as with the updates that we’re rolling out on a regular basis the epic action of Sairneto VR will only continue to get more complex.

We’d love if you could join us on this mission to create the best, most action packed VR game to date. We’re open to feedback and hearing your thoughts, as we see this as a group effort. To all of you who have already joined us- thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To all of you have yet to join us- please take a look into what we’ve done so far and consider joining the Sairento revolution. You’re more than welcome in our community!

Sairento VR on Steam

Welcome to the official Sairento VR blog!


Welcome to the official blog of Sairento VR, the VR game developed by Mixed Realms, and a VR game like no other. You see, it’s hard to place Sairento VR into a certain gaming genre. It’s a First-Person Shooter, sure, but that’s not all it is. It blends guns, katanas, bullet-time and superhero-like speed and insane jumping abilities to create something utterly unique. During a 10 minute battle in Sairento VR, you’ll slow down time and take out five enemies each with a nicely placed headshot, run along a wall avoiding a hail gunfire, slice bullets out of your way, perform incredible and epic jumps, come face-to-face with other swordsmen and do battle, dual wield both katanas and guns, all the while upgrading your weapons and your abilities in your personal dojo. It’s a thrilling mixture of multiple genres, and all that have played it simply want more.

Well, we want to give you more.

Though you can also expect updates about Sairento VR on our Facebook, Twitter and Steam pages (which can be found on the left on this blog!), this blog will also be home to some additional content, including VR developer interviews, giveaways, behind-the-scenes features and VR related tech reviews. Ultimately here at Mixed Realms, we want to move forward embracing our community, cultivating it and, most importantly, building upon Sairento VR to create the best VR experience to date.

Thanks for playing and being on this epic journey with us! Big things are coming down the pipeline. Watch this space!